1. @blindedbite @skorpilphotography @girlgonegrits so great to have you here shooting @hausbarfarmsatx

  2. Red red poppies and green green #nopales #urbanfarmguesthouse #Austinguesthouse #3300GovalleAveAirbnb

  3. Nopales coming your way soon @daidue! Look out! #hausbarurbanfarmguesthouse #3300GovalleAveAirbnb #atx #wheretostayinaustin

  4. Chef Lou Parella @hausbarfarms for the #EAUFT! We love @QUIAustin! Thanks for sampling your amazing creation at our farm. (at HausBar Farms)


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    Welcome East Austin Urban Farm Tour 2014 Guests!

    Have a great time touring East Austin’s wonderful urban farms today and please follow us on social media for photos, videos, and updates!

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    NEW! Rent our beloved guesthaus for only $150 a night!

  6. My precious god-daughter, Morgan, and the LBJ First Ladies’ Spring Show. I love you, Morgan!

  7. Sun going down on crossvine. #urbanfarmguesthouse #comestaywithus #3300govalleairbnb #wheretostayinaustin #austinurbanfarm #austin #atx

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  9. The morning after the great storm. All is well. Join us this Sunday for the East Austin Urban Farm Tour! #EAUFT #austinurbanfarm

  10. #gustavothegoose and “his” babies (they’re ducklings but don’t tell him that) made it through the storm in fine shape. #3300govalleairbnb #wheretostayinaustin #urbanfarmguesthouse